Welcome to Eyes of Fate

At the beginning of everything, several gods looked down upon a small world and created a simple race of beings. Each god wanted to give a special gift to these beings, but some of the gifts wouldn't work with the others. Three older goddess's came forward and gave a gift that would solve everything. They gave the beings a way to know what their fates would be and what gifts they would be given. They were given the Eyes of Fate. From that day on people knew what their destiny was based on the color of their eyes. We follow the story of a young girl named Kendara Areem who was gifted with white eyes and who is faced with an unknown future. With the approach of her 18th birthday Kendara finds herself torn between her responsibilities and feelings she doesn't quite understand.


November 1st, 2011, 7:21 pm

Yay +fav button!

So after reading through tutorials and previous help posts in the forums, I figured out how to put the fav button in the menu! Go me!

Still looking for someone with coding experience to help me/teach me how to create my own layout once the comic gets going.

October 24th, 2011, 11:29 am


Well first off welcome to Eyes of Fate! I've been debating about starting this comic for awhile now, after a large bout of boredom I finally did.

Next thing, I need help from someone who knows how to code so I can get a couple new pages made and to get the +fave button working. I have no idea what to do and/or what to touch to make things work. The tutorial...yeah that made very little sense to me.

Soooo....help plz?

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